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Gavin Rampton

Gavin Rampton on financially secure futures

By Gavin Rampton

Financial Advisor, Unique Financial Planning

Inspired by his dad to debut into the financial industry at the age of 27, Gavin Rampton has accumulated 18 years of experience as a Financial Advisor, earning him a commendable reputation in his fields of specialist investments and tax planning.

Gavin, alongside business partner Darren Butler, heads up one of the six offices within Unique Financial Planning on the south coast and has been the firm’s top advisor for the last four years.

The keen golfer has helped hundreds of clients towards financially secure futures and is applying his own sound financial planning advice for his family’s future.

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What have been the significant changes in Financial Planning during your 18-year career?

The biggest thing was the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) — a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) initiative to improve transparency around the costs and fees associated with financial advice. In 2013 commission was abolished on pensions and investments, the industry changed to a fees structure. That was also the time when we had to be qualified at diploma level to continue as wealth advisors.

Initially, it was a challenge, but overall it has been a positive change for advisors, the sector, and clients.

What advice would you give your younger self today?

I would probably say: “Don’t quit, because if you see yourself in 18 years’ time, the position you’ll be in is far greater than where you were at the age of 27.” I’m now in a much better position than I was previously. I'm very driven; around 40% of my business every year comes from referrals. I’d probably encourage my younger self to be even more hungry, more focused, and more driven.

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What advice would you give to first-time clients seeking financial advice?

There have been so many changes to the industry, especially in the pension arena. Pensions have changed significantly in the last six or seven years and the way that pensions will be accessed in the future has changed along with death benefits associated with pensions.

People aren’t aware that certain types of investment can mitigate income tax savings. Many people are also underinsured. I meet people all the time that have never had a financial review, they have very outdated policies or often policies that are no longer suitable for their current needs.

Anybody who hasn’t had a review should have somebody check their financial planning, even down to ensuring that your house is insured properly.

Do you see any generational differences in attitude when it comes to financial planning?

Many of the younger clients will do their own direct investing and a lot of them source their own mortgages but they’re not aware of the various tax breaks and other products in the specialist investment market. When questioned about their attitude to risk, and how they made the decision to choose a particular fund, they don’t really have an answer. A lot of the time they begin investing as a hobby and seek professional financial advice at a later stage.

How do you keep ahead of the game with your professional knowledge?

In financial services, you have to do 50 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) per year. There are annual refresher exams in the mortgage market and in pensions. I also attend roadshows, and regularly read the press — I subscribe to The Times. You’ve always got to keep ahead of the game.

Just within my office at Whiteley we’ve got seven advisors, and probably 120 years of accumulated experience. At Unique Financial we’ve got about 35 advisors, there are internal peer groups and in the overall network there is such a wealth of knowledge in its 3500 advisors.

"I'm very driven; around 40% of my business every year comes from referrals. I’d probably encourage my younger self to be even more hungry, more focused, and more driven."

Gavin Rampton - Financial Advisor, Unique Financial Planning

You specialise in helping others to plan for the future; what are your own plans and aspirations for the future?

Making sure my family are well looked after: I’m a young grandparent and I’ve got two granddaughters. At the moment we’re just focused on family. My wife and I are building our own wealth through investments and pensions for our future.

In the business, I want to continue to push myself as a Financial Advisor, through personal development, knowledge, and confidence. I use technology wherever I can. I have a personal mentor based in London, they’re not in my industry but I work with them for my own personal development. I want to increase my network and continue to generate new business.

Who was the last person to influence you?

I find Ant Middleton, the SAS guy really interesting. He’s a Pompey lad born and bred. He’s released five books and after every book release, he does a series of live shows. I’ve seen him present three times; he has a really interesting perspective on things like leadership, mental strength, and physical fitness.

Can you tell us something about yourself that is completely unrelated to your business?

I love to entertain and am very keen at trying new things on the BBQ or in my smoker. I enjoy golf and cycling as well as using the gym and PT sessions.

I’ve got quite a lot of tattoos. Some of them represent various things that are significant to me, I’ve got elements of things that I love like cycling, music and aspects to represent my family.

Are there any inspirational quotes that you believe in?

I have the quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” as a tattoo. Another I like is: “Believe, Achieve, Succeed.”