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Scott Rae

Scott Rae on integrated installations

By Scott Rae

Director - Install Projects Ltd

Dexterously coordinating the multifaceted elements, of project management, Scott Rae has become experienced in delivering the electrical and mechanical projects in which he specialises.  

Starting out over 25 years ago as an electrical apprentice, Scott worked gaining experience across many areas of the industry, before beginning his own business in 2012.  

Twelve years on, Install Projects Limited shines in electrical and mechanical services for high-end residential builds, light industrial installations, shopfitting and commercial projects. Wining contracts with leading brands including Starbucks, Costa, Deliveroo, Hoxton Bakehouse and most recently Black Sheep Coffee.

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In the 12 years that you've been in business, have there been any standout projects? 

One recent project that springs to mind is The Libertine, a bar and restaurant in London underneath The Royal Exchange, it was such an interesting project to be a part of – it occupies the grade one listed vaults beneath the exchange, the history of the building going back to 1571, it has gone on to win several awards for design. We carried out the electrical and plumbing installations; the programme was intense as it was fitted out in just 16 weeks, made harder as access was really restricted being in the basement of The Royal Exchange. It was really challenging with so many complexities. Once completed and on to the deadline, it looked amazing – it was quite a thing to be involved with. 

We are proud to say our working relationship with Starbucks has spanned over a decade, our new store and rollout work for the chain takes us all over the UK, we’ve generally got at least 2 or 3 projects on the go for them.   

More locally, we’re just about to start 4 barn conversions in Hursley, 2 new units in Chalcroft Business Park and a very large one of residential new build near Newbury. A nice project we are presently working on is Holy Saviour Church renovation with Mountjoy, a local contractor in Portsmouth, who together with we also work with on local authority projects like schools.  

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How do you balance all the multifaceted demands of managing construction projects?

The key really is having a good team and the backup that you can rely on, everyone involved all do such a great job. My personal focus and integral mindset being attention to detail and diligence, this underpins the ethos at IP. 

It’s also about understanding the construction process from start to finish and working together as part of the wider project team, with our client and all other specialist contractors involved.

You must have seen a few changes in the industry over the years?

Technology and renewables have been a big change continuing to grow exponentially – I think it’s something that probably needs to change within the industry quicker than it is. We’re looking at expanding our offering in renewables; air source heat pumps and solar; some of the projects that we have been involved in, particularly the residentials, have air source heat pumps we’ve installed.  

We’re having these discussions in our business; for instance, some of our engineers have recently undertaken further training for air source heat pumps.

"We’ve also worked for Starbucks for over a decade, our rollout work for them takes us all over the UK."

You started out by doing an apprenticeship, what does the skills landscape look like now in the industry?

It can be difficult to recruit, we’ve found that more over the last few years. We do employ apprentices and try and bring people up through the company. We spoke to two training providers last week: Eastleigh College and a private training provider. We are looking to recruit apprentices again imminently. It’s obviously an investment in time and money for the first couple of years but it does work for us. 

What are your plans and aspirations for the business in the future?

We’re currently working on future strategy for IP. We are pleased to be in a growth phase, targeting new business, and further developing through the links we’ve already established with existing customers. A big part of the strategy is around marketing. 

"One stand out project is The Libertine, a bar and restaurant in London underneath The Royal Exchange – the install was intense! "

Scott Rae - Director, Install Projects Ltd

And you’re also developing your own property portfolio?

Alongside the business, I’m also continuing with property development, where I work with a business partner; we’ve got a few projects on the horizon. We’re currently on site with a conversion; in the process of two land purchases, which we’re at planning phase on, and there are a few others in the pipeline. 

How do you enjoy spending your time when you’re not working?

I run at least three times a week. I’m quite a routine person, I’m generally up doing some kind of fitness or activity before 6 AM. Walking our dog, Stella an Italian Greyhound, at the weekend gets me out in the fresh air too. 

I’ve got two daughters, and we enjoy time together as a family. I really enjoy skiing and I try to get away a few times a year to do that with the family and friends.

What are you currently listening to, reading, or watching?

I have started listening to podcasts only fairly recently; particularly those around health and also business. I enjoy Steven Bartlett’s Podcast and the ZOE Science & Nutrition Podcast. 

I listen to a wide variety of music and watch TV to get a bit of downtime. I’ve started watching Succession, which is about a media mogul with a complex family – it’s quite entertaining.