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There is a modern work revolution going on, quietly, behind ancient oak doors which are steeped in an industrious history.  It is defining the ‘new normal’ in terms of how we work, where we do it and what matters most in life. The revolution will not be televised, nor will it be promoted on social media. It is in fact only to be found in our private workspace where ambitious business people consider, work, collaborate and grow their businesses. Our members share a passion for doing great things and an openness for doing so in new, interesting ways.  Our strictly limited membership benefits from space to think, people to bounce ideas off, a place to plan their success.

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Welcome to our Little Black Book, an inspirational series of business stories and insights from our brilliant members.

Kevin Briscoe on the medium of storytelling

The art of compelling storytelling is one that Kevin Briscoe has mastered throughout his editorial career which began at the Portsmouth News with varied journalistic roles including reporting, newsroom and features writing, and TV Editor.

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Paul Sams on legal integrity

Honesty, integrity, and teamwork are the moral principles Paul Sams has exemplified throughout his legal career and in his passion for the profession.

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Jeremy Culverhouse on finance, film, and family

Evocative of the eventful scripts of his film background, Jeremy Culverhouse’s story is like a captivating biopic beginning at boarding school in North London where an 18-year-old Jeremy excelled in sport and acting.

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Hannah and Paul Wallis on family business continuity

Combining decades of experience with a new generational perspective, father-daughter duo Paul and Hannah Wallis have together found equilibrium for their business management consultancy Hantec Systems.

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Colin Buchan on customer-led communications

With an early career spent in automotive electronics and later phone service centre and technology, Colin Buchan jointly founded telecoms company Affinity Technology which has found its reputable place amongst the telecom’s giants through personal customer service and having an excellent inhouse customer support team whom are available to help at the end of the phone.

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Jamie Southall on maintaining reliable trades

In this behind-the-scenes profile, we talk to Jamie about his journey in business, his passions for excellent training and customer service, his insights into the trade and his reflections on fuel and energy efficiency, as well as his own aspirations for the future.

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Ben Sisson on the creative science of SEO

With a creative résumé spanning the likes of Garmin International, Ben Sisson has a natural eye for outstanding design.

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Mark White on future developments

Bargate Homes’ first ever employee became the Managing Director of the reputable house builder last year, a move that is resounding of the company’s ethos of longevity, and their new MD’s commitment and passion for what they do.

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Paul Phelps on powerful purpose

Electrical engineering first sparked the interest of Paul Phelps when he trained as an apprentice in power distribution. The technical experience he garnered enabled him to travel worldwide.

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Simon Jenns on fresh perspectives in property promotion

Subliminally inspired by his architect dad and a childhood witnessing the magic of buildings come to life on a drawing board, Simon Jenns has combined creativity with building knowledge.

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Spencer Bowman on nurturing the right business blend

Since his own first life-changing sip of speciality coffee, proud Sotonian Spencer Bowman has been on a mission to bring better coffee to Southampton.

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James Egan on independent estate agency integrity

James Egan – and the property sector he works within – has come a long way since he walked down Southampton’s London Road and landed his first job with one of the city’s estate agents 9 years ago.

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Frederike Harms on entrepreneurial empowerment

After finding her own clarity beyond societal pressures and aggregate anxiety, Business Strategist Frederike Harms developed a blueprint to building a thriving side hustle business and published the secrets to her success in a bestselling book.

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Don Iro on evolution from electronics

Don Iro came to Southampton from Nigeria to study Electronic Engineering and subsequently worked for over 20 years in digital across different continents from developing consumer technology for Nokia to connected car services for Jaguar Land Rover in China.

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Sophie Foote on taking the plunge in property

With a world of experience as a Scuba Diving Instructor; a degree in Social Anthropology; a Masters in Southeast Asian Economics, Anthropology and Politics; and Air Traffic Control qualifications under her belt – Sophie Foote is now diving into a new chapter of her career that is a little closer to home. 

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Piers Brown on the quality of quantities

Finding his foundations for Quantity Surveying 25 years ago, Piers Brown has developed the classic QS skills he learned in the 90s to become the USP of his own practice today.

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Peter Bryant on decrypting crypto

Crypto Professor and Author Peter Bryant began his varied career with a music degree before completing a Psychology Masters and training as a Hypnotherapist.

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Nathan James on cultivating creativity

Self-guided with a premeditated life plan, Nathan James’ enthusiasm for digital, marketing & retail was first ignited with his involvement in the launch of a global retail organisations first city centre location at the beginning of his career.

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Donovan Long on forward-thinking merchant services

Entering the merchant services market in 2016, Donovan Long has since gone above and beyond providing payment systems for his clients.

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Steve Cole on getting IT right for business

Providing the systems, technology, and security that businesses depend upon has become a specialism of Steve Cole and his IT support business Net Primates.

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Luke Newman on reforming wellbeing

Motivated by his own childhood experiences growing up in Southampton, Luke Newman is dedicated to creating opportunities for the city’s young people.

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Marc Bandemer on thinking beyond boundaries

Marc Bandemer’s entrepreneurial journey is one that has transcended both geographical and conceptual boundaries.

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Zoe Hanson on broadcasting horizons

Relatable, personable and ultimately a great listener — presenter and podcaster Zoe Hanson knows how to connect with audiences, a skill which she has honed in over 20 years’ experience as a breakfast radio presenter for Capital and Heart.

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Gavin Rampton on financially secure futures

Inspired by his dad to debut into the financial industry at the age of 27, Gavin Rampton has accumulated 18 years of experience as a Financial Advisor, earning him a commendable reputation in his fields of specialist investments and tax planning.

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Adrian Rochester on finding clarity in cryptocurrency

Combining analytical aptitude with investment intellect, Adrian Rochester is fast becoming a leading specialist in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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Matt Taylor on commercial strategy

Matt Taylor’s proficiency in overcoming commercial challenges has taken him from Carnival UK to FTSE 100 retail business Kingfisher plc where he was responsible for implementing commercial strategy projects across the nine countries the company operates in.

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Helen Clements on Collaborative Empowerment

Alongside her business partner Boo Donovan, the pair are passionate about empowering other business owners through knowledge, with a philosophy of collaborative working and being true to themselves.

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Steve Cross on Building Better Business

With a natural aptitude for understanding people, enriched from working across the BBC, at over 20 different radio stations, and writing in every UK national newspaper, he blurs the boundaries between technology and communication to create tools which create action.

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Damian Gevertz on bringing new content on board

As travel reignites, Damian shares how the pandemic has launched him towards the next phase of his business.

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Chris Schutrups on brokering business development

Now Chris, alongside his wife Nicola, is making moves as one of the UK's leading mortgage brokers.

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Scott stephens on going forth

FORTH®’s recent move to new offices in Ampfield marks both its organic growth, and a new settling in natural surroundings aligned with the sustainable aspirations that the company represents.

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Jonny Bliss on the science of marketing

Jonny Bliss first found his entrepreneurial appetite at the age of 13 washing wetsuits in a surf shop in his hometown of Woolacombe, North Devon. He later co-founded and raised investment for an online fantasy football game which grew to thousands of users.

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Ben Mcmahon on experiential productions

Motivated by a commitment to sustainability, Collaborate Global is at the forefront of developing hybrid events – blending the physical and virtual audience to create unforgettable brand experiences.

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Chris Rees on getting city events back up and running

Fresh from the return of Southampton Sailing Week, which featured a team of members from the Old Bond Store, Chris Rees is on track to get sporting events back up and running in the city.

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Sally Golden on the composition of connective photography

Sally Golden, the person behind the lens and creator of the Old Bond Store’s member portraits, found her calling in photography 12 years ago. After 30 years working in retail, a photographer put a camera in her hand and she immediately felt a connection with the craft.

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Matt Sanger on event enhancement

With a Californian can-do spirit resonating from his time at the University of San Francisco, Matt is passionate about creating inspiring experiences and environments where people can thrive.

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Jeremy Robbins on approachable accountancy

Genio Accountants has doubled in size over the past year thanks to open and proactive advice delivered in a professional yet relaxed way.

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Chris Pestell on making waves in the talent pool

From Welsh roots, Chris Pestell has lived and worked across the UK accumulating 17 years of experience in recruitment along the way. But it was riding the storm of the pandemic that brought the keen surfer to his most fulfilling and current role at KM4.

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Andrew Lambert on surveying the market

Andrew explains how their specialist boutique agency is recruiting for, and promoting, the property sector across the South of England.

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Alasdair MacMillan on growing globally

Along with delivering partner-led HR services, Stellamar Employment Solutions is on the crest of a wave as recruitment specialists in some very niche sectors.

Read Alasdair's story

Josh Mitchell on methodical marketing

The success of a business that has been built methodically from the ground up is testimony to their down-to-earth hard work and desire to support others.

Read Josh's story

Nella Pang on real estate change

Driven by her ambition to leave a positive legacy, Nella is now an ambassador and role model for women and those from non-traditional backgrounds breaking into the industry.

Read Nella's story

Will Rosie on piecing together contemporary art

The artist behind the specially curated mosaic pieces adorning the walls of the Old Bond Store is installing intrigue and joy through his art.

Read Will's story

Martin Smith on driving integrity

Martin Smith set up his own company specialising in procurement and supply chain recruitment two years ago.

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Jen Todd on keeping things honest

With their candid approach, Jen Todd and her business partner Pam Bates, have neatly tied together several businesses under the umbrella of the Silk Bow Group.

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Daniel Fitzhenry on visionary leadership

Earlier this year, Southampton elected Daniel Fitzhenry as its new City Council Leader, taking the helm of a city in which he was born and bred.

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Zabir Ali on optometry insights

As we embark on a new era of how we access healthcare, the Managing Director of Wessex Optical has a vision to lead the way in his specialist area of optometry.

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Callum Donnelly on ahead of the curve consulting

Callum Donnelly began the year by taking the helm at Etch UK; a radical agency that is creatively challenging the traditional concepts of consultancy.

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Ben Stickland on the next generation of healthcare

With worldly experience from time spent in New Zealand managing insurance responses to earthquakes, and in Australia working on behalf of the esteemed Lloyd's of London, Ben Stickland is knowledgeable beyond his 24 years.

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Andy Hollands on entrepreneurial experience

True experience is built not only upon the achievement of success, but equally upon the lessons of the losses, and straight-talking Andy Holland has garnered a grounding of both highs and lows in the corporate world.

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Adam Myers on a new stage of humanised HR

Adam Myers has a background in acting and a résumé in Human Resources spanning the corporate world from Hamleys in London to Walt Disney World in Florida.

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Sam Griffiths on building your minimum

Motivated by a deep sense of purpose to help others, following his own personal experiences of burnout, Sam Griffiths is channelling his energies into helping professionals to be Healthy in Business.

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Henri Ghijben on branching out

At 24 Henri Ghijben launched his tree services business and, alongside wife Sarah, grew HRG Tree Surgeons to become a renowned business credited with a portfolio of projects for clients including Salisbury Cathedral, Southampton International Airport and Winchester City Council.

Read Henri's story

Alex Hurn on building progressively

It was perhaps predestined that Alex Hurn, who has a natural instinct for entrepreneurship combined with an ardent interest in buildings stemming from childhood, would start his own business in the property industry.

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Zoie Golding on a new movement of dance

Zoie Golding, the founder of Zoielogic is choreographing a new movement in dance; without boundaries of environment, participant and audience.

Read Zoie's story

Hannah Waddington on resourceful purpose

Hannah Waddington has a musical background, but it is notes of morality which have inspired her to create Maru HR – human resources recruitment business with purpose.

Read Hannah's story

Chris Vertannes on dream team values

Chris Vertannes, CEO of UK Elite Sports Group (encompassing Planet Education, Elite Football and Elite Rugby), embodies the coaching skills he is such an advocate for; inclusivity, integrity and fun.

Read Chris' story

Ross Breckenridge on creative evolution

Taking the reins of a family business established in the early 80s by his parents, Ross Breckenridge is steering the agency into a new era of marketing.

Read Ross' story

Richard Allen on engineering a skilled labour force

Richard gives insight into his constructive specialisms as well as his people-first culture resounding in a commitment to playing a part in addressing issues such as mental health in the industry.

Read Richard's story

Jon Martin on embracing the silver lining of the cloud

Jon Martin, the Co-founder of JLA Resourcing has a proactive energy originating from his love of working in a sector helping people to fulfil their career dreams and aspirations.

Read Jon's story

Douglas Mellors on adjusting to the unforeseen

Starting his career as a Firearms Officer in the Edinburgh Police, Douglas diversified and accumulated 25 years’ experience in private banking and investment advice.

Read Douglas' story

Antony Fanshawe on acquiring a wealth of experience

Entrepreneur, corporate finance specialist, expert witness, insolvency practitioner and forensic accountant are just some of the multi disciplines associated with Antony Fanshawe.

Read Antony's story

Wayne Loon on making a positive business imprint

From modest beginnings repairing machines from his bedroom at 18, Wayne Loon has grown Abbey Office Solutions to become a respected and successful UK-wide office equipment operation.

Read Wayne's story

Steve Crawford on streamlining skills to superyachts

The founder of luxury yacht crew placement agency Yotspot began his career by working as crew on a superyacht in the Mediterranean.

Read Steve's story

Lee Smith on impactful investments

Living by the mantra to either find a way or make one, Lee Smith has created a bespoke investment consultancy with a conscience.

Read Lee's story

Colin Aubrey on lending acumen to be banked on

In a career that has cultivated three decades of experience in the industry; the business finance merits of Colin Aubrey include working capital, term finance and equity funding.

Read Colin's story

Ashley Lewer on building a new path for construction firms

Pioneering a new approach in helping the construction industry to use sub-contractors, Ashley Lewer has created Hard Hats to provide an alternative option for what can be a taxing area.

Read Ashley's story

Andrew MacAskill on growing a new career ecosystem

With his innovative coaching model Executive Career Jump, Andrew MacAskill is carving a new career pathway for job-seeking professionals.

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Giles Semper on the new wave of revitalisation

Combining a 17-year career in regeneration with a passion for European cities, the Executive Director of GO! Southampton (the Business Improvement District for the city centre) is devoted to creating a new narrative for the city.

Read Giles' story

Jason Oliver on creating a constructive family business

Classic, steadfast business techniques, underpinned by strong family values, have seen Global Ceramic Tiling grow to be one of the South's largest tiling contractors.

Read Jason's story

Mark Badley on enhancing individualism through technology

Ronin: the captivating name of Mark Badley’s cutting-edge company derives from a wandering samurai who had no lord or master.

Read Mark's story

Ryan Hill on transformational healthtech

Ryan Hill is a highly regarded head-hunter in tech & venture capital, now a senior leader for the world’s largest and most disruptive health-tech software company.

Read Ryan's story

Realising the potential of talent

Founder of in-house recruitment company Collabz, Louis Cross discusses a fresh approach to talent, driven by a motivation to champion the underdog and realise the potential of proficient people and SMEs.

Read Louis' story

Rob King on finding your niche

He shares his passion and experiences in the property market with others through his dedicated mentoring work, enthusiastically championing how property investment can help achieve a work-life balance.

Read Rob's story

Nikki Rees on running a healthy business

In the months that sees the launch of Southampton Sailing Week at the Old Bond store, Nikki shares how her company values are reflected in her own.

Read Nikki's story

Josh Williams on associate ambitions

Josh reflects upon redefining success in the modern age and developing a business model that will become part of the new cultural infrastructure.

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Maddy Alexander-Grout on striking a business balance

In advance of the launch of the app for her multi-award winning My VIP Card, the business of the year winner tell us how she balances motherhood whilst simultaneously growing a UK wide business.

Read Maddy's story

Ian Riggs on securing a financial future

The founder of the Eight Wealth Management shares the success of his financial services company through the Eight Foundation, a charitable trust raising funds to help local, small businesses and inidividuals.

Read Ian's story

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