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  There is a modern work revolution going on, quietly, behind ancient oak doors which are steeped in an industrious history.  It is defining the ‘new normal’ in terms of how we work, where we do it and what matters most in life. The revolution will not be televised, nor will it be promoted on social media. It is in fact only to be found in our private workspace where ambitious business people consider, work, collaborate and grow their businesses. Our members share a passion for doing great things and an openness for doing so in new, interesting ways.  Our strictly limited membership benefits from space to think, people to bounce ideas off, a place to plan their success.


Welcome to our Little Black Book, an inspirational series of business stories and insights from our brilliant members.

Paul Hill on Harmonising Change Through Hypnotherapy

“Turning your don’t into do and can’t into can” is the philosophy of Paul Hill, a simple strapline that has a deep meaning for the hundreds of people that he has helped with his hypnotherapy skills. 

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Ian Hurst on Changing the tune of Mental Health

Spending 17 years conforming to what society would deem a highly successful career – working for a large global insurance company with high-profile clients including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Porsche, and Nestle – Ian Hurst hadn’t realised how much he was struggling with his mental health. 

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Emma Dzenis on the time to get Organised

Organised, reliable, and with a head for business influenced by her entrepreneurial parents, Emma Dzenis started her own business in 2019 offering admin services to small businesses.

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Nicola McManus on the key to Property Prosperity

Personal experience in buying and selling property for over 20 years is both the driver and the differentiator for Nicola McManus’ estate agency business Marnic Real Estate.

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Daniel Sagar on Experience Driven Coaching

For Daniel Sagar, an international career and his personal experiences from running his own businesses, have formed the fundamentals to his new path as a business coach.

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Chris Allcock on Supporting Safe Families

When Chris Allcock became a volunteer for a local youth group as a teenager, it prompted a passion for supporting and working with young people that has since spanned 20 years in the voluntary and charity sector.

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Jon Craddock on Simple and Approachable Legal Advice

Having spent over a decade in the legal profession working both in-house for corporates and at large regional firms, Jon Craddock was motivated to start his own business earlier this year specialising in business law.

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Coran Stubbington on People-Focused Finance

With her affable personality, love of networking, and enthusiasm for helping others, Coran Stubbington is a true people person bringing a refreshing energy to the financial sector in which she works.

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Kaz Downing on Personable Financial Planning

With a familial style, influenced by nurtured beginnings in the finance sector working at one of the industry’s large corporates, Kaz Downing's perspective on financial advice as a key enabler for happiness and fulfilment emphasizes the importance of sound financial management in achieving overall well-being.

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Chris Ashby on reimagining digital design

Reimagining the future of digital technology is the mindset of Chris Ashby, who started his business We Are Heroes in 2021 to support startups and small companies with digital product design and user experience.

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Marc Bishop on being at the 4front of recruitment

In their innovative adoption of new technologies like AI, Marc Bishop and his co-founded company 4Front are in the vanguard of embracing tech in the recruitment sector.

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Becky Davis on prioritising people

What’s clear from Becky Davis’ positive outlook on life and business is that above all else she believes in the potential of people. At 19, Becky spent a year living and working in the States, and on her return initiated a 22-year career in telecoms and IT which included working for one of the BBC’s Dragons – an entrepreneurial environment in which her go-getter charisma thrived – and culminated in a significant role at Virgin Media Business.

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Aidan Cooper on raising the standards of security

At just 32, Aidan Cooper has a security services career that spans from the British Armed Forces as a Royal Military Police Officer to multiple deployments in Afghanistan as a Police Advisor and Close Protection Operative to Senior Military Generals and Ambassadors for the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, as well as extensive experience in the UK private security industry.

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Scott Rae on integrated installations

Dexterously coordinating the multifaceted elements, of project management, Scott Rae has become experienced in delivering the electrical and mechanical projects in which he specialises.  

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Jen Reynolds on driving prosperity in business through people

Named from an ethos of achieving business prosperity through people, ProspHR Solutions was founded in 2023 by Jen Reynolds. Jen brings to her HR consultancy over 18 years of corporate HR experience in the motor industry which began with the BMW Group graduate scheme from where she was recruited as Group Employee Development Manager at BMW UK. She then spent 12 years at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars as Global Head of Talent & Training and later Global Head of HR, before returning to BMW Group UK & Ireland as Deputy HR Director.

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Fiona Whyte and Ian Schenkel on innovative cybersecurity

Pioneering progressive innovations through their cybersecurity company Endida, co-founders Fiona Whyte and Ian Schenkel are a new force for good in the fight against cyberattacks.

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Rich Webley on marketing strategy and science

Foreseeing an increased demand for freelance marketing services, Rich Webley diverted his profession in marketing into becoming a Fractional Marketing Director. In doing so, he created the opportunity for smaller businesses to work with an accomplished Marketing Director and CMO on a flexible basis.

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Matthew Edge-Wilkins on the skill of seeking talent

Having had an early career in financial services, at the likes of Barclays, Zurich Insurance and PwC, it was a working/holiday trip to Australia that initially led Matt Edge-Wilkins into the profession of recruitment.

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Justin Neale on the differentiator of customer experience

Recalling being given an engine as his eighth birthday present, it’s clear that Justin Neale has always relished fixing and improving things. In his professional career, that enjoyment of enhancing the way that things work has transpired into product management, particularly the processes of customer experience. Graduating from the University of Bath with a physics degree, Justin quickly moved into corporate life and subsequently spent 25 years in specialist customer strategy roles including a period at Airbus where he became UK Managing Director of their NAVBLUE subsidiary.

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Heather Pierpoint on intuitive design

Intuition is Heather Pierpoint’s superpower, instinctively interpreting the emotive essence of her clients’ stories into insightful designs. But Heather’s instinctive design approach is not without substance, it is based upon 25 years of experience in the design industry, which began with eight years working for design agencies. A life-changing trip to Australia and New Zealand then prompted Heather to realise her free-spirited nature and she created Headfudge Design in 2007, getting the business off to a flying start by designing for Princess Cruises.

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Edita Talat-Kelpsiene on spotless standards

Fluent in Lithuanian, Russian, and English – and with a good command of Arabic and Hindu too – Edita Talat-Kelpsiene’s multilingual mastery is a reflection of her love of travelling and time working worldwide.

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Dan Shilcock on technical innovation

Dan Shilcock was fascinated from a young age by what technology can do and the problems it can solve. After studying computing at school and university, Dan worked for the technology company Zentive before building his own successful software business. After selling his business in 2018, Dan returned to Zentive as CEO, leading the company with an ethos of innovating to solve technical problems.

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Chris Hobbs on turning history's pages

As founder of BAFTA award-winning education company, History Bombs, and Business Development Director and sixth generation in the family business, Hobbs The Printers, Chris Hobbs’ dual-professions draw upon the past, whilst applying modern methodologies.

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Ben Pike on reviving business energy

When Ben Pike began his apprenticeship at the age of 16 after helping a friend in the plumbing industry, it ignited a fortuitous path in the sector and in business. With qualifications and experience under his belt, Ben joined forces with his brother-in-law Daryl Davies to become business partners in HeatComp, a heating and plumbing company established in 2014.

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Drew Patel on leading telemarketing

Much like the ethos and approach of his lead generation business, Drew Patel has built his career from the ground-up: with hard work formed from the foundations of trust and reputability.

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Wayne Freebody on maintaining consistent growth

With the expansion of his exterior cleaning company into maintenance services, Wayne Freebody has led his business A Plus Clean to rapid growth over the past year, doubling the size of his team and reaching over £1million in turnover.

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Victoria Sedgley on the business support of IT

Her Masters degree in Strategic Human Resource Management from the University of Southampton as well as her CIPD Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management, informs Victoria Sedgley’s mindful understanding of the people elements of business.

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Paul Marsh on securing information

Paul morphed his enthusiasm for technology into a professional career in the 90s (the birth of alternative media) and the 00s (when the Internet grew from covering 6.7% to 25.7%), by working in computer services for the IBM brand and becoming a key member of IBM’s X-Force ethical hacking team for over a decade.

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Victoria Chapman on the search for results

Through multi-faceted marketing and digital dexterity, Victoria Chapman has become a Google Ads lead generation specialist – enthusiastically navigating the ever-changing ad algorithms of the global search engine giant on behalf of her clients.

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Paul Gallie on developing collaborative architecture

Paul Gallie first stepped on the architectural ladder 23 years ago when he began his career working for his father who is a Structural Engineer. Many years of experience in architectural practices and developers followed, laying the foundations for Paul to start his own company, PMG Architecture, three years ago. 

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Adam Penny on an open door policy for insurance

Adam Penny has 30 years of illustrious experience in the insurance industry, with a résumé citing major corporate players including Zurich, GA Bonus, Aviva, A Plan, and Stackhouse Poland. The latter at which he spent 17 years, becoming head of the high-net-worth team, having started as one of a small team that grew to over 700 and was sold to global insurance brokerage Gallagher.

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Nick Carlile on the AI generation of lead nurturing

An emerging luminary in the field of lead-generating AI, Nick Carlile and his business partners have developed an AI-powered sales assistant to help businesses generate, nurture, and qualify leads.

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Mimi Ronald on finding your destination

A career in travel and tourism was destined for Mimi Ronald who studied the sector at college knowing that she always wanted to work in the industry.

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Carl Lamerton on drawing from authenticity

In the 30 years since Carl Lamerton began his profession in branding, he has designed for the likes of blue-chip ad agencies Saatchis, McCanns, and CDP on projects including the design for the World Cup; as well as developing meaningful brands for companies including Deutsche Bank, Lockheed Martin, and the University of Surrey.

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Debbie Moreton on taking steps to support young people

From her time as a foster carer for children in her own home to the 15 years spent working for a charity that empowers young people, Debbie Moreton has been an advocate for young people every step of the way in both her personal and professional journey.

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Rob Sheppard on the value of counting on simplicity

Keeping things simple and delivering a good value service is the winning formula applied by Rob Sheppard in his business BJT Accountants.

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Elaine Harding on augmenting aerospace

Innovator, entrepreneur, aerospace tech enthusiast, and astrologer – Elaine Harding navigates the high-tech industries in which she specialises with problem-solving dexterity.

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Vicks Ward on copywriting with a conscience

Conscientious and purpose-led storytelling resounds from the work of Vicks Ward, who is passionate about conveying client’s purpose-led work by creating an engaging narrative.

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Louis Lawrence on digital marketing with edge

A high level of detail is the common thread in everything Louis Lawrence does – from small touches in property projects, to an in-depth understanding of the psychology of sales to inform the granular details of the digital marketing campaigns he creates.

Read Louis' story

Dan Green on a balanced rate of business

Dan Green is one of only a handful of business rates specialists on the South Coast, an underrated field that can make significant savings for companies with overrated business rates.

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Ben Chiuriri on healthy developments

From his background in retail pharmacy to his passion for property investment and development and his active lifestyle, health has always been the priority underpinning Ben Chiuriri’s mindset.

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Sarina Mann on breaking through in speaking

Since Sarina Mann faced her own fear of public speaking, she has not only become an award-winning speaker herself – and is also the as the current Toastmasters District 91 Champion for impromptu speaking – but is now supporting others to find their voice through her business Breakthrough Public Speaking.

Read Sarina's story

Mikaela Jubb on constructive recruitment

Never underestimate the underdog is the slogan for Underdog Recruitment, the company owned and run by Mikaela Jubb. It’s a message that resonates on a personal level with Mikaela, who has built her construction recruitment business by treating people equally and in turn has earned mutual respect from her industry peers.

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Chelsey & Joe Terrey on a renewable future

Headed up by husband-and-wife team Chelsey and Joe Terrey, Greener Future is a solar solutions business bringing fresh energy to the renewable sector in the south.

Read Chelsey's story

Terry Glassey on putting energy into the future

3 Futures, the company owned and managed by Terry Glassey, is named from his motivation to provide a better future for everyone, especially his three sons. It’s a forward-thinking viewpoint that is reflective of the industry he specialises in: mechanical, electrical, renewable energy and construction.

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Richard Browning on bowling in a new direction

Former professional cricketer Richard Browning is spinning his sportsmanship qualities into a new field with his company Olympus Property Group: designing and building bespoke residential developments in Hampshire.

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Neil Lewis on nurturing business

Passion and perseverance are the pillars that support Neil Lewis’ varied entrepreneurial biography having nurtured a diverse range of businesses from inception to growth.

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Ashley Fernandes on maximising IT

SMEs are the beating heart of the UK's economy which is why Colva have made it their mission to provide scalable, enterprise services at an affordable price. That’s the mission of Colva Tech: the SME focused branch of the Colva brand headed by Ashley Fernandes.

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Jane Johnson on estate agency - be out of the ordinary, and not afraid to tackle the unusual

Doing things differently with exceptional customer service is the simple and outstanding quality shared by Jane Johnson and her husband and business partner Peter – a principle that is ingrained in their estate agency business.

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Asa Moore on conducting an electrical contracting business

Asa Moore’s interest in electrical work was first sparked over 20 years ago when, inspired by a friend, he became an electrician in 2001.

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Chris Ward on making IT proactive

Though Chris Ward has always worked in IT – with a first-class degree in Computer Science and an extensive stint at IBM to his name – it was his job with Vermont Systems that was to emerge his unanticipated business leadership.

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Paul Clarke on championing financial visibility for business owners

Paul Clarke is dedicated to helping business owners get ahead of the game - providing them with the financial visibility they need to succeed! Through his innovative approaches, he's empowering entrepreneurs everywhere.

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Verity Lovelock on purposeful architecture

Designing from the inside out is the architectonic approach of Verity Lovelock, having initiated her love for architecture when studying interior design at the University of Portsmouth.

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Stephen Long on the characteristics of quality carpentry

Pride and attention to detail describes the style of Stephen Long and his team of carpenters who deliver superior workmanship for their domestic and commercial clients.

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Jenny Walker on people-led law

Conscientiously balancing an equilibrium of personal and professional in her approach, Jenny Walker is a solicitor who cares about people.

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Xavier Fiddes on the perspectives of purposeful photography

As well as shooting for a varied portfolio of commercial clients including Sky and Bacardi Brands (Bombay Sapphire, Bacardi etc…) Xavier Fiddes has turned his photographic eye to education and teaching young people photography.

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Jude Wharton on making professional websites easy

With her early career spent in education and training, Jude Wharton transformatively applied her project management skills to form a web design company – 2nd Floor Designs Ltd – with her husband and business partner Chris, 13 years ago.

Read Jude's story

Graham Bell on the art of design

With his artistic aptitude and devotion to design, Graham Bell has created thousands of pieces of graphics and artwork in his twenty-plus-year career.

Read Graham's story

Dan Loveridge on the power of energy

Through completing an electrician apprenticeship and progressing his experience with SSE Contracting, followed by a period working in construction for Touch Building Services, Dan Loveridge gleaned the technical and electrical expertise to set up his own company: Cinergi Ltd. Specialising in renewable energy installations, the company is part of a new era of energy bringing efficient and sustainable solutions to its customers on the South Coast.

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Bex Fisher on the fresh notes of english wine

It was at a career fair at the age of 22 that Bex Fisher unexpectedly found her calling in the wine industry and instinctively took a 50% pay cut from her job in property to join the Majestic Wine graduate recruitment scheme.

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Darren Jacobs on achieving the real deal

In the 25 years since Darren Jacobs flipped through the Yellow Pages at the age of 17 and fortuitously found a job in tech, he has shaped a remarkable record in mergers and acquisitions, not just in IT but traversed across many sectors.

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Glen Crump on staying grounded in land

Through experience, connections, and subtle yet skilled negotiation, Glen Crump navigates the complex terrain of land transactions through his business Castle Street Investments.

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Simon Hawtrey-Coombs on the mindset of growth

With an adaptability that has enabled him to turn his entrepreneurial hand to numerous businesses and industry sectors, Simon HC is somewhat of a metamorphic maverick.

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Steve Jones on motivational potential

Since his early career contributions to the rapid growth of Fitness First, Steve Jones’ biography has been a myriad of motivational masterfulness: from specialising in coaching SMEs for fast growth, to co-chairing the UK Government Task Force Team, to establishing his own coaching business.

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Lawrence Bath on writing, the right way

As a creative master of words and enthusiast of the multiple layers of language, it was perhaps already written that Lawrence Bath would establish his own company in 2020.

Read Lawrence's story

Rachel Young on resourceful business support

After accruing a spectrum of commercial human resources experience in the manufacturing sector, Rachel Young is now applying over a decade of specialist proficiency to supporting businesses with their HR.   

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Neil Kerr on sound digital marketing

As a recording engineer in his early career, Neil Kerr was instrumental in the early work of legendary Sotonian Craig David, and the huge millennium hit Re-Rewind that Neil collaborated on while working with Mark Hill from the Artful Dodger duo.  

Read Neil's story

Dan Gateshill on financial enablement

With a natural flair for finance, Dan Gateshill formulated his career with a degree in accountancy before spending over a decade working for HSBC: supporting clients with their investment portfolios, and later as an international commercial manager helping businesses with international trading. 

Read Dan's story

Matt Willsher on shooting the story

Originating his career in interior design, Matt Willsher serendipitously found his flair for filmmaking in shooting his sister-in-law’s wedding for fun. The resulting film prompted demand for his videography talents and, learning the technical skills on the job, Matt was soon filming over 40 weddings a year.

Read Matt's story

Callum Donnelly on the modern marketing offering

Strategy and Marketing Leader, Callum Donnelly fostered his understanding of the importance of strategy from 17 years working in marketing agencies – with a career spanning media, communications, digital and agency leadership as Managing Director of digital consultancy Etch.

Read Callum's story

Liz Clarke on the clarity of compelling content

For as long as she can remember, Liz Clarke has always loved writing. A passion and skill that arose in a professional sense when she began rewriting complex legislation for Southampton City Council, which she traversed into writing public interest reports for the Audit Commission’s Benefits National Policy Team.

Read Liz's story

Chris Nash on jewellery brilliance

Beginning his career with a business in security, Chris Nash’s interest in jewellery was sparked when he was getting married, with the idea of selling wedding rings to people at home. Within two years, Chris had 24 wedding ring reps nationwide.

Read Chris' story

Andy Hooper on entrepreneurial ecommerce

Andy Hooper’s entrepreneurial aptitude emerged following the 2008 financial crash when he became motivated, from a desire to be financially self-sufficient, to establish a variety of businesses from sports consultancy to wedding photography.

Read Andy's story

Sam Sutton on the outdoor pursuit of happiness

When Sam Sutton, along with his friend and business partner Rich Pearsall, bought some Canadian canoes in 2003 with permission to run tours on the Beaulieu River, it was to be the beginning of an incredible business adventure.

Read Sam's story

Tom Richards on clean growth

Founded in 2018, Proceed Solutions was created from the knowledge and experience of its co-founders, which is now being enhanced by Tom’s fresh perspective and passion for innovation.

Read Tom's story

Shaun Ramazannezhad on the value of proactivity for your wealth

Shaun Ramazannezhad, the Hampshire protégé of McMillan Wealth Consultants, debuted in the financial services industry from a desire to help people and businesses protect and grow their wealth.

Read Shaun's story

Darren Brown on accounting for development

Taking on the profession of accountancy with an apprenticeship straight from school at the age of 16, Darren Brown had already qualified as an accountant by the time he was 22.

Read Darren's story

Gareth Davies on modernising mortgage advice

When Gareth Davies went along to a group interview to help out a friend in 2006, he was unexpectedly offered a job in the financial sector inadvertently launching a 16-year career in the industry.

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Kevin Briscoe on the medium of storytelling

The art of compelling storytelling is one that Kevin Briscoe has mastered throughout his editorial career which began at the Portsmouth News with varied journalistic roles including reporting, newsroom and features writing, and TV Editor.

Read Kevin's story

Paul Sams on legal integrity

Honesty, integrity, and teamwork are the moral principles Paul Sams has exemplified throughout his legal career and in his passion for the profession.

Read Paul's story

Mark Piper on advice against adversity

In a career that spans three decades, specialist mortgage professional Mark Piper has proficiently served the financial services sector through its rollercoaster of recession, regulation, macro influences, and embracement of new trends.

Read Mark's story

Hannah and Paul Wallis on family business continuity

Combining decades of experience with a new generational perspective, father-daughter duo Paul and Hannah Wallis have together found equilibrium for their business management consultancy Hantec Systems.

Read Hannah's story

Colin Buchan on customer-led communications

With an early career spent in automotive electronics and later phone service centre and technology, Colin Buchan jointly founded telecoms company Affinity Technology which has found its reputable place amongst the telecom’s giants through personal customer service and having an excellent inhouse customer support team whom are available to help at the end of the phone.

Read Colin's story

Jamie Southall on maintaining reliable trades

In this behind-the-scenes profile, we talk to Jamie about his journey in business, his passions for excellent training and customer service, his insights into the trade and his reflections on fuel and energy efficiency, as well as his own aspirations for the future.

Read Jamie's story

Mark White on future developments

Bargate Homes’ first ever employee became the Managing Director of the reputable house builder last year, a move that is resounding of the company’s ethos of longevity, and their new MD’s commitment and passion for what they do.

Read Mark's story

Paul Phelps on powerful purpose

Electrical engineering first sparked the interest of Paul Phelps when he trained as an apprentice in power distribution. The technical experience he garnered enabled him to travel worldwide.

Read Paul's story

Simon Jenns on fresh perspectives in property promotion

Subliminally inspired by his architect dad and a childhood witnessing the magic of buildings come to life on a drawing board, Simon Jenns has combined creativity with building knowledge.

Read Simon's story

Spencer Bowman on nurturing the right business blend

Since his own first life-changing sip of speciality coffee, proud Sotonian Spencer Bowman has been on a mission to bring better coffee to Southampton.

Read Spencer's story

Donovan Long on forward-thinking merchant services

Entering the merchant services market in 2016, Donovan Long has since gone above and beyond providing payment systems for his clients.

Read Donovan's story

Steve Cole on getting IT right for business

Providing the systems, technology, and security that businesses depend upon has become a specialism of Steve Cole and his IT support business Net Primates.

Read Steve's story

Luke Newman on reforming wellbeing

Motivated by his own childhood experiences growing up in Southampton, Luke Newman is dedicated to creating opportunities for the city’s young people.

Read Luke's story

Zoe Hanson on broadcasting horizons

Relatable, personable and ultimately a great listener — presenter and podcaster Zoe Hanson knows how to connect with audiences, a skill which she has honed in over 20 years’ experience as a breakfast radio presenter for Capital and Heart.

Read Zoe's story

Gavin Rampton on financially secure futures

Inspired by his dad to debut into the financial industry at the age of 27, Gavin Rampton has accumulated 18 years of experience as a Financial Advisor, earning him a commendable reputation in his fields of specialist investments and tax planning.

Read Gavin's story

Matt Taylor on commercial strategy

Matt Taylor’s proficiency in overcoming commercial challenges has taken him from Carnival UK to FTSE 100 retail business Kingfisher plc where he was responsible for implementing commercial strategy projects across the nine countries the company operates in.

Read Matt's story

Helen Clements on Collaborative Empowerment

Alongside her business partner Boo Donovan, the pair are passionate about empowering other business owners through knowledge, with a philosophy of collaborative working and being true to themselves.

Read Helen's story

Damian Gevertz on bringing new content on board

As travel reignites, Damian shares how the pandemic has launched him towards the next phase of his business.

Read Damian's story

Chris Schutrups on brokering business development

Now Chris, alongside his wife Nicola, is making moves as one of the UK's leading mortgage brokers.

Read Chris' story

Scott stephens on going forth

FORTH®’s recent move to new offices in Ampfield marks both its organic growth, and a new settling in natural surroundings aligned with the sustainable aspirations that the company represents.

Read Scott's story

Ben Mcmahon on experiential productions

Motivated by a commitment to sustainability, Collaborate Global is at the forefront of developing hybrid events – blending the physical and virtual audience to create unforgettable brand experiences.

Read Ben's story

Sally Golden on the composition of connective photography

Sally Golden, the person behind the lens and creator of the Old Bond Store’s member portraits, found her calling in photography 12 years ago. After 30 years working in retail, a photographer put a camera in her hand and she immediately felt a connection with the craft.

Read Sally's story

Matt Sanger on event enhancement

With a Californian can-do spirit resonating from his time at the University of San Francisco, Matt is passionate about creating inspiring experiences and environments where people can thrive.

Read Matt's story

Jeremy Robbins on approachable accountancy

Genio Accountants has doubled in size over the past year thanks to open and proactive advice delivered in a professional yet relaxed way.

Read Jeremy's story

Nella Pang on real estate change

Driven by her ambition to leave a positive legacy, Nella is now an ambassador and role model for women and those from non-traditional backgrounds breaking into the industry.

Read Nella's story

Will Rosie on piecing together contemporary art

The artist behind the specially curated mosaic pieces adorning the walls of the Old Bond Store is installing intrigue and joy through his art.

Read Will's story

Callum Donnelly on ahead of the curve consulting

Callum Donnelly began the year by taking the helm at Etch UK; a radical agency that is creatively challenging the traditional concepts of consultancy.

Read Callum's story

Andy Hollands on entrepreneurial experience

True experience is built not only upon the achievement of success, but equally upon the lessons of the losses, and straight-talking Andy Holland has garnered a grounding of both highs and lows in the corporate world.

Read Andy's story

Sam Griffiths on building your minimum

Motivated by a deep sense of purpose to help others, following his own personal experiences of burnout, Sam Griffiths is channelling his energies into helping professionals to be Healthy in Business.

Read Sam's story

Alex Hurn on building progressively

It was perhaps predestined that Alex Hurn, who has a natural instinct for entrepreneurship combined with an ardent interest in buildings stemming from childhood, would start his own business in the property industry.

Read Alex's story

Zoie Golding on a new movement of dance

Zoie Golding, the founder of Zoielogic is choreographing a new movement in dance; without boundaries of environment, participant and audience.

Read Zoie's story

Ross Breckenridge on creative evolution

Taking the reins of a family business established in the early 80s by his parents, Ross Breckenridge is steering the agency into a new era of marketing.

Read Ross' story

Richard Allen on engineering a skilled labour force

Richard gives insight into his constructive specialisms as well as his people-first culture resounding in a commitment to playing a part in addressing issues such as mental health in the industry.

Read Richard's story

Jon Martin on embracing the silver lining of the cloud

Jon Martin, the Co-founder of JLA Resourcing has a proactive energy originating from his love of working in a sector helping people to fulfil their career dreams and aspirations.

Read Jon's story

Steve Crawford on streamlining skills to superyachts

The founder of luxury yacht crew placement agency Yotspot began his career by working as crew on a superyacht in the Mediterranean.

Read Steve's story

Realising the potential of talent

Founder of in-house recruitment company Collabz, Louis Cross discusses a fresh approach to talent, driven by a motivation to champion the underdog and realise the potential of proficient people and SMEs.

Read Louis' story

Ian Riggs on securing a financial future

The founder of the Eight Wealth Management shares the success of his financial services company through the Eight Foundation, a charitable trust raising funds to help local, small businesses and inidividuals.

Read Ian's story

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