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Chelsey & Joe Terrey

Chelsey & Joe Terrey on a renewable future

By Chelsey & Joe Terrey

Director / Co-owner - Greener Future Ltd.

Headed up by husband-and-wife team Chelsey and Joe Terrey, Greener Future is a solar solutions business bringing fresh energy to the renewable sector in the south.

Combining Joe’s experience as a Marine Engineer for the Royal Navy and running his own business in electrical services, with Chelsey’s 15 years as a Quantity Surveyor for big PLCs such as McCarthy and Stone, the duo founded the company a year ago.

Driven by their joint aspiration to create a sustainable future for their children and future generations, one year in, the business has accomplished growth and reputation credited to its customer-focused ethos.

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Can you talk us through the Greener Future concept? 

CT: We specialise in solar, battery storage, and car charging. Our focus is on giving the customer the best experience in the solar industry. We cover all sectors from commercial, new build, to residential.

JT: We complete installations as well as servicing existing solar systems. We offer a service where we provide the equipment and technology to monitor customers systems remotely with annual check-ups to ensure that the customer is getting the most out of what they pay for.

Can you give us some examples of your clients?

CT: We are currently installing on the Isle of Wight with Captiva Homes which is 71 units; we've got a large install in London, through MBS for Berkeley homes; along with an Off-Grid Ground Mount System in Stockbridge. This is just a few larger sites we currently have running alongside our day-to-day domestic installs.

We're also the service provider for a battery manufacturer ‘GivEnergy’ where we complete all their service visits in the South.

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What is the market demand for solar like at the moment?

CT: Due to the recent Building Regulation changes, the demand in the new build sector is higher than ever before. It’s a simple, yet effective way to ensure housebuilders hit their SAP targets. The domestic market tends to be driven more by the economy and world events. The current wildfires certainly get people thinking more about doing their part for the environment and when the utility companies hiked their prices, the demand hugely increased.

JT: We find a lot of older people really buy into it because they like the return on investment, they can see it paying back straightaway. By investing money in solar panels, you can save 50 to 80% on your energy costs and our customers see that as more valuable than leaving it sitting in a bank. The average install cost is around £10,000 and that’s usually paid back within five to six years.

How is the technology evolving in the field of solar?

JT: The manufacturing alone of solar panels and battery storage has come on leaps and bounds in the last five years with the efficiency of panels climbing quite dramatically and the different types of lithium batteries are now much more stable and efficient.

The technology of the monitoring has also really evolved. With the technology that’s out now, the customer can get an application on their phone and see exactly what they’re saving each day, each hour. It proves that they made the right investment – especially during the summer, our customers pay for no or very little electricity from the grid.

"Our software tells us how much carbon we're saving per installation, and it gives you a good sense of gratification that you’re playing your little part in making the world a better place."

Are there other factors that impact the industry and your business?

CT: Companies such as GivEnergy are UK-based, with their assembly lines coming over to the UK in the near future. This has a massive positive impact on the UK Economy, customer experience and service which they can provide.

Why is a greener future important to you?

JT: For us personally it’s mainly for our children. We’ve got two young boys and as a family, we love nature and being outside; we love the sea and the beach. We want to do everything that we can do to contribute to our kids and grandkids having a better life.

Our software tells us how much carbon we’re saving per installation, and it gives you a good sense of gratification that you’re playing your little part in making the world a better place.

Do you have a place outdoors that you like to visit together as a family?

JT: We love visiting Durdle Door or the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales. Generally, anywhere outdoors – we’re always on our bikes, at the beach, or going for forest walks.

Over the last year I’ve done lots for charity to raise money and awareness for the condition a friend’s son had – and the family have come along to support me.

I did the Three Peaks Challenge in 24 hours in a weighted vest, I swam the Bournemouth to Boscombe piers on Christmas Eve, and we climbed Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons together.

What do you enjoy watching, listening to, or reading?

JT: I like Ross Edgley’s books. He’s a fitness adventurer and he was the first person to swim around Great Britain, so his books are inspirational in terms of not giving up and persevering no matter what external influences there are.

He talks a lot about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation – all his content is to do with sports and how he adapts his body to do whatever challenge he sets himself, but it also transfers over to business and what motivates you to do what you’re doing and how you do it – it’s a good read.

"By investing money in solar panels, you can save 10 to 15% on your energy costs."

Joe Terrey - Co-owner, Greener Future Ltd.