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Asa Moore

Asa Moore on conducting an electrical contracting business

By Asa Moore

Owner - ABM Electrical Solutions Ltd

Asa Moore’s interest in electrical work was first sparked over 20 years ago when, inspired by a friend, he became an electrician in 2001.

Asa put his energies into learning the trade by steadfastly attending night school and working for 12 years for an electrical firm with clients including IBM, Southampton General Hospital, and schools across Hampshire.

Having acquired extensive electrical experience, he woke up one morning and had a lightbulb moment. ABM Electrical Solutions Ltd was born – and has now been serving domestic, commercial, and industrial clients for almost a decade.

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You’ve been in the electrical trade for over 20 years, have you had some proudest moments?

We’ve recently been working on a big project with a longstanding client in Portsmouth. They're in the production industry; they’ve moved from two factories into one and we've completely set up their new factory with new machinery and office equipment in quite a short timescale. I’m proud of the fact that we've been able to do that in such a short space of time and we've done a good job – the customer is very happy.

We also look after eight busy doctor surgeries locally; we provide maintenance contracts for them and keep them up and running which is another highlight.

We take pride in our day-to-day work – being able to reliably deliver and the customer’s satisfaction as a result.

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What do you think gives ABM Electrical the edge?

We’re reliable – if we say we’re going to be somewhere; we’ll be there. It sounds straightforward, but reliability in the industry can be hard to come by.

And we truly do a good job – we’ve had some great experience and teaching in the past in various projects, and we apply that in every job we undertake.

How do you generate new business?

Most of our work historically and even now has come through word of mouth and people recommending us. That’s why it’s so great to join a club that’s full of people who understand the value of building great working relationships with other local businesses. I know I can trust the services people at OBS are providing.

I’m also part of the BNI networking group.

"We're reliable – if we say we're going to be somewhere; we'll be there. It sounds straightforward but reliability in the industry can be hard to come by."

How do you keep your finger on the pulse with what’s happening in the industry?

I’m part of the NICEIC which is a governing body for electrical contracting; that’s my accreditation.

They offer lots of training and if something changes within regulations, the guys and I would do that ASAP to keep up to speed. If you’re not constantly training and updating, it’s easy to miss things.

What are the things everyone should do regarding electrics in their homes and workplaces?

Energy saving is a big one – especially with the current prices – and there are everyday things people can do. If you’ve got the right bulbs (lamps) in your home or place of work, you can save a lot of energy. Simply by converting your lights to LED will make a considerable difference.

I would also advise people to check the test date of their electrical installation – there’s usually a sticker indicating the date of the next inspection on most consumer units/distribution boards. We’ve been called out to some emergencies recently due to consumer units melting. By getting your existing installation checked periodically you’re likely to limit the possibility of any problems occurring.

"Energy saving is a big one – especially with the current prices – and there are everyday things people can do."

Asa Moore - Owner, ABM Electrical Solutions Ltd

What are your plans and aspirations for the future?

My plan is to create enough time to play golf on a regular basis as it’s been a long time since I hacked up the fairways.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I enjoy hillwalking. My son plays rugby, so every Sunday we’re out doing that which we love. The social side of it is also good fun.

We’ve got a caravan which we try and get away in as much as possible because the kids love it, and it means we’re away from work.

A big part of my life up until recently was my involvement in scouting. I did that for 25 years and it was a huge part of my life.

What are you currently listening to, reading, or watching?

I love music; I’ve always got the radio on. I’m a big fan of BBC Radio 6 Music, it’s an eclectic mix of music from hip hop to heavy metal and I quite like that.

Asa Moore