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Peter Bryant

Peter Bryant on decrypting crypto

By Peter Bryant

Managing Director, InCrypto Wealth LLP

Crypto Professor and Author Peter Bryant began his varied career with a music degree before completing a Psychology Masters and training as a Hypnotherapist.

Finding that many of his psychotherapy clients were financially disempowered, Peter became enthralled with cryptocurrencies as a transparent form of investing.

After completing over $10 million of profitable trades, Peter decided to start sharing his crypto knowledge. Today, alongside his therapy company Catalyst Therapy, Peter runs independent cryptocurrency private equity fund InCrypto Wealth LLP, helping his clients, partners, and followers navigate the world of crypto investing with an informed approach of integrity.

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How does your knowledge of psychotherapy complement your work with cryptocurrency?

There are a lot of overlaps between psychotherapy and investing – from rapport building to knowing when clients and partners do and don’t trust you, and how to get around those situations.

With psychotherapy, you have a client who has a problem, and you can utilise a multitude of pathways of different modalities from the psychodynamic approach to the CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) framework. Every client is unique, and every client's issue might not necessarily be solved by the same modality. I see that as a very similar situation to investors.

Every client has x amount of funds they want to generate the best return on. There is a plethora of ways of doing that all with different risk profiles and opportunities. By putting these solutions to the partner and putting all the options on the table, they're able to effectively see the results before they've happened and therefore have an informed consent about what's going to happen with their money.

I'm applying the same kind of client-centred framework of psychotherapy to the investment world which is quite a modern approach.

What does the future of cryptocurrency look like?

The future is Web3 – the third iteration of the internet. Web1 was being able to send text and documents through the internet. Web2 was social media and user-generated content. Web3 is having digital value which we couldn’t do until 2019 and the arrival of Bitcoin.

The way Bitcoin works with a consensus algorithm means we can send value digitally. This way of digitising value is a paramount interaction technology because 400 years down the road we will still be looking back and seeing Bitcoin as the first way of digitising value as opposed to digitising data.

From Bitcoin to Ethereum and Terra to Solana – it’s a very competitive market, which obviously results in trading opportunities. Each project has its own unique set of criteria and if you do the appropriate due diligence, you have a higher chance of picking tokens that are going to grow in value.

It's effectively stock picking rather than the stock being opaque, you're able to see the entire chronology because it's an open system as opposed to the closed system of the stock market.

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"This way of digitising value is a paramount interaction technology"

How do you stay ahead of the game with what’s going on in crypto markets?

I have a network of alert systems and news media that I utilise. I also frequently look at prices for my own portfolio. I’m very much a believer of owning the assets that I talk about.

What I’m predominantly looking for is crypto which has a proprietary algorithm that I utilise to weigh each cryptocurrency against the other, and then I look at the opportunity costs.

Different metrics go into my decision profile to weigh up different cryptocurrencies and the technical analysis informs my investment decision making.

Talk to us about your work as an author and speaker.

I’ve written a bestselling book called Crypto Profits. It’s a guide to financial freedom through cryptocurrency investing and it argues the importance of cryptocurrencies from a long-term perspective.

I do regular talks and have recently spoken for The Liberty Club in London as well as here at The Old Bond Store.

"What I'm predominantly looking for is crypto which has a proprietary algorithm that I utilise to weigh each cryptocurrency against the other, and then I look at the opportunity costs."

Peter Bryant - Managing Director, InCrypto Wealth LLP

How are you using YouTube to share your knowledge?

I have a YouTube channel with videos on different types of products and opportunities.

I want to encourage a more disciplined approach to cryptocurrency investing. YouTube is great because it allows me to deep dive into certain tokens and projects. It’s also great from a research perspective because there are a lot of other specialists on YouTube. I feel that the more data and information you know, the better your opportunities are going to be because you’re more knowledgeable about the projects and therefore more likely to succeed.

What principles govern your self-guidance in life?

I’m all about integrity and transparency. I want everyone to understand where their money is going and what it’s doing because in traditional finance and banking you don’t know what is happening with the money you deposit.

I’m flipping that on its head and asking my partners to learn as much as they want to about their investments.
Integrity carries over from my psychotherapy background. I think that the more I can communicate what’s going on in my head, the better it is for everyone.

Transparency is also key for me. I’m trying to set up a system whereby partners can log in and see all their assets.

You originally trained as a musician; which pieces of music inspire you the most?

I very much enjoy film music and film composers like John Powell and James Horner. Any kind of film music is very inspiring for me – if I’m studying, working, or trying to figure something out, I will listen to a film soundtrack.