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Eloise Burton

Eloise Burton on the magic of manifestation

By Eloise Burton

Owner, Money Alchemy

After experiencing her own personal challenges with money, Eloise Burton inadvertently discovered a transformational way to overcome psychological money blocks through manifestation.

From the inner sanctum of her self-experience, she created Money Alchemy: a spiritually based blend of down-to-earth logic and magical manifestation.

Now, the Money Alchemist is teaching women how to harness the power of manifestation for business, sharing the magic through the medium of coaching, events, and a growing online network.

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What’s the concept of Money Alchemy?

Manifestation is something that we're all capable of doing. The concept of Money Alchemy is in the magic of the law of attraction: what we focus on we get. It overlays that magical law of the universe with a step-by-step process that feels grounded and real. It's a practical approach that has magical results.

It doesn't just heal your money; it heals your relationship with yourself and teaches you to be kind to yourself. And the better you feel, the more powerful you are at attracting money.

How has manifestation worked in practice for your clients?

I've got clients that have now set up businesses through healing their money blocks – the feelings that they weren't good enough.

I've got clients who can do a little bit of money alchemy and make between £200 and £1000 within five minutes.

I've been working with a lady in Scotland who’s been working on healing money blocks which manifested as procrastination. She’s now getting people interested in her programme which she was struggling to do before.

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What aspects of your work make you particularly proud?

I’m proud to see women empowering themselves; I’m proud to see them being kinder to themselves; I’m proud to see them breaking the boundaries that they put on themselves or that other people have put on them and making a difference to their world, their family, their community, and their clients.

The magic is a sight to behold – that connection that they make with themselves and with money and how it changes everything for them. I get messages every day saying that it has literally changed their lives.

What are common anxieties and issues about money?

They stem from one of the core beliefs which is not feeling worthy – not feeling good enough or competent enough; not feeling ready. The women I work with often think that they need to do another certification or another qualification before they’ll be good enough. It stops them from charging in a way that makes their life better and then they start to resent the business they’ve created and don’t want to do it anymore.

"The concept of Money Alchemy is in the magic of the law of attraction: what we focus on we get."

What impact do you think the notion of money has on people’s health and wellbeing?

I’m a true believer that whatever we feel manifests in our body in illness or disease. Worry can create stomach issues, it can create throat issues, it can create neck issues. I think a lot of depression and anxiety can come from worrying about money and doubting our ability.

The positive impact of money alchemy is it gives you something to do that is more productive and helps you focus on more positive things: it’s choosing the glass half full analogy rather than the glass half empty one.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I have a big goal: I would like to reach a million women with this work.

Women have only had access to money for less than 50 years in this country. We couldn’t open a bank account in our own name until 1975 and so it’s new to us.

I think when women open up to attracting more money, they will do beautiful things in the world. The world is suffering, and I think one of the roots of bringing balance is women with wealth.

It’s quite a big vision but I see my business as a small brick in the foundation of the change that we need for the planet and the people in the world.

"I think when women open up to attracting more money, they will do beautiful things in the world. The world is suffering, and I think one of the roots of bringing balance is women with wealth."

Eloise Burton - Owner, Money Alchemy

Are you fatalistic?

I believe we create this stream we call life. I truly believe we create heaven or earth depending on what glasses we’re looking through: we create our reality.

Tell us about your spiritual side

I believe that we can put intention into anything. It’s not so much magic, it’s about holding intention and creating a vision. I love cooking; I do a huge amount of magic in my cooking. When I’m cooking, I’m thinking about health and the spices that I’m putting in and what they do. For example, nutmeg is a really lucky spice that is good for bringing good fortune.

Crystals are amazing for channelling your focus: because what you focus on you create. The intention is where the magic is.

For those that want to find their inner money magic but don’t know where to start, what advice would you give?

Go to my Money Magic Foundations guide which outlines five habits to help understand how to connect with money easily and quickly. If you do those things, you will literally save money within a day or two.