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Damian Chapman

Damian Chapman on enduring insurance

By Damian Chapman

Founder & Managing Director - crs.insure

Debuting into the insurance industry at the age of 20, Damian Chapman accumulated vast experience from his career spanning the big-name insurers from A-Plan to Hill House Hammond and Aviva to AXA.

Finding that the multifaceted insurance needs of clients weren’t being met by one broker, Damian saw the opportunity to establish a holistic advisor and founded Covered Insurance Solutions with his then business partner in 2008.

Now, having taken time out from the industry that enabled him to break into the music scene during the pandemic, Damian is spinning his two passions: DJing as an award-winning Techno DJ and Producer, and insurance with his new company CRS Insure.

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Why are business insurance and risk management important?

CRS does commercial insurance for property owners, SMEs, and corporates. We take care of all the liabilities and anything to do with business insurance, and we’ve had a very positive start.

It's so important because it provides accountability to the actual business itself. Risk Management is massive, it protects both employers and employees by making sure that there are good risk practices and safety procedures in place. Good risk management leads to a more effective business.

What external factors does your business have to be aware of and adapt to?

We always have to be aware of emerging markets and changes in legislation.

As a former underwriter, I'm able to look at risks in greater detail. Since we started CRS, many clients have come to us because of the misadvice they've received in the past. You've always got to be on top of it – making sure that you're offering the correct levels of cover and advice in line with the current legislation.

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"Over the last three years there's been a lot of consolidation in the insurance world with bigger brokers buying the smaller companies and with that you're losing the independent broker and that personal service."

Founder & Managing Director - crs.insure

Do you have any proudest moments in your journey so far?

The proudest moment in my journey so far, was being recognised as Insurance Broker of the Year in 2017.

I’m also a private investor into a tech start-up company which has been recognised as the best mobile ordering solution, so that was also a proud moment.

Over the last three years, there’s been a lot of consolidation in the insurance world with bigger brokers buying the smaller companies and with that you’re losing the independent broker and that personal service. CRS Insure is all about providing that great one-to-one customer experience with bespoke solutions. Our customers aren’t just a number; they’re part of our vision and the whole reason we do what we do – we’re very client-centric. On a day-to-day basis, it makes me proud to know that I’ve built a business that has great customer service – it’s all about the customer to me.

What are your plans and aspirations for the year to come and beyond?

My plan and aspiration for the business is to become the broker of choice for commercial insurance. The aim is to make sure that everyone is covered correctly, and competitively.

There’s always a lot of negativity out there, particularly in the media, but the country’s current financial situation produces opportunity because people are questioning relationships. That excites me because I love meeting new people, getting to know what drives them, understanding their passion, and what’s important to them.

We want to create relationships. It’s not about insuring them for today; it’s about insuring them today, tomorrow and the future correctly and having that working relationship that goes way beyond insurance.

For me, this situation needs to be embraced and we’ve got to create those opportunities and relationships and make sure we deliver on what we say we’re going to deliver on.

"Our customers aren’t just a number; they're part of our vision and the whole reason we do what we do – we're very client centric."

Talk to us about your work as a DJ

My artist name is DKLUB. I have always been into electronic music and during lockdown, I started DJing properly and moved into music production. Music gives you a sense of freedom to live in the moment.

I started streaming (through YouTube @dklubofficial and website dklub.co.uk) and have held residencies with Groove London Radio, Manic FM, Data Transmission, Underground Kollektiv and currently with Techno Connection. Most recently DKLUB has launched his own weekly VOD cast which has now been snapped up by USA based broadcaster PBMTV and will soon be stateside.

I’ve released several singles and played a few gigs as well which has been really nice. The response from the public has been very positive; I’m genuinely a little taken aback by how well it has been going and I appreciate it very much. Another proud achievement was being voted Best Male Techno DJ 2021 at the Indulgence With A Twist Up & Comer Awards.

Who inspires your sound?

My ultimate inspiration was Judge Jules and I still listen to his weekly show. I matured in a time when Judge Jules was the main man on Radio One on a Saturday night. The way that he plays music is how I play music and he’s been a massive influence on my enjoyment of, and transition through, music.

Over recent years, Charlotte de Witte has also been a big inspiration.
Damian Chapman