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Andrew MacAskill

Andrew MacAskill on growing a new career ecosystem

By Andrew MacAskill

Founder, Executive Career Jump

With his innovative coaching model Executive Career Jump, Andrew MacAskill is carving a new career pathway for job-seeking professionals.

With coaching credentials that span two decades, the former head-hunter is on a mission to cultivate a new career ecosystem that will end job search misery.

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Why do you think now is the right time to readdress the realm of job searching?

We're living through some challenging times from a career perspective. There are a lot of people struggling to find the right role and there's a huge need to help people to navigate their job search.

Traditional outplacement tends to be very offline, whereas we've got an online digital platform where you can get training and help with all elements of job searching through technology.

You pride yourself in giving unique insight and feedback to high level execs, how do you achieve that?

By making sure that what we’re offering is very tailored. You need to understand the nuances
involved with each individual and make sure that you're getting the right mix of mindset and technique into those individuals so they perform at their best.

You've also got to be honest and candid in giving feedback from a point of care. You have to build trust so that when you're having to deliver quite radical candour; the candidate is open to receiving it.

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"Having a proper go to market strategy and using the skills that you've built up in your business life to your own benefit would be my top job search tip."

What’s your top tip for job seeking professionals?

Job seekers can be way too passive. We see people who’ve had an incredible career, who are used to dealing with ambiguity, coming up with solutions, designing propositions; and then they get on the job market and they go completely passive. So, having a proper go to market strategy and using the skills that you’ve built up in your business life to your own benefit would be my top tip.

How are technologies developing the coaching platform?

We’ve been very zoom focused recently which has upsides and downsides. The downside being that trust is harder to build when you’re not in the room together; it feels depersonalised in many ways. But the big upside is that you can record coaching and to be able to watch it back is really powerful, to embed that learning.

As a society, we’re getting more used to accessing guidance through technology to help us through life situations. Job search coaching didn’t really even exist 10 years ago, and now people are getting used to technology delivering them the insights they need.

"The Old Bond Store has synergy with our ethos; it’s an on-demand model where we're not constrained around how we run our careers in our lives."

Andrew MacAskill, Executive Career Jump

What impact do you think social media is having on the world of careers?

LinkedIn is the biggest free opportunity for people that I’ve ever seen in my career. 90% of my business comes directly from LinkedIn, and over 70% of our clients find roles through LinkedIn. It’s an insane opportunity for people in terms of their careers; the ability to build a personal brand for free and target your audience has had a huge impact on the world of careers.

What does success look like to you?

We’ve set the target of helping 250,000 people find roles in the next five years so achieving this would represent success for the business.

For me personally, it’s about leaving a legacy and having the freedom to be able to spend the time with the people I want in the way that I want, and I think that’s what business ownership gives you. That’s where the Old Bond Store has synergy with our ethos; it’s an on-demand model where we’re not constrained around how we run our careers in our lives.

What are your future aspirations for the business?

We’re creating an ecosystem of other start-ups that fall within the banner of eliminating job search misery. I want to get to the point where the Career Jump app is to job search what Headspace is to meditation. My vision is to make the business more holistic, so not only will you be able to access all the information around job searching, but there will be additional resources around related subjects like fitness, mental health and financial management.

Who inspires you?

James Watt, the founder of BrewDog. They’ve set up a business which has got a huge crowdfunding element, they’re leading the way on sustainability, they make a great product. They’ve transformed their category in a way which has a fantastic broader business impact. I think they’ve nailed it; they completely inspire me.