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Adam Myers

Adam Myers on a new stage of humanised HR

By Adam Myers

Head of HR Solutions, Stellamar

Adam Myers has a background in acting and a résumé in Human Resources spanning the corporate world from Hamleys in London to Walt Disney World in Florida. His passion and profession seem worlds apart and yet are unexpectedly complementary; Adam has an instinctive aptitude for humanising HR through his emotive enthusiasm.

Now, Adam and his team are breaking through the corporate conformity of traditional HR and recruitment through their business Stellamar; focusing upon progression and putting humans first in an industry which can be lost in bureaucracy and process.

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What do you think gives Stellamar the edge?

We genuinely put the human first, whether that's the person or the client. We focus on humanising the process rather than taking a policy approach. Is using Human Resources as terminology correct anymore; are people resources? Diversity has gone wrong in businesses because HR has been so focused on the dos and don’ts rather than the people element.

You've developed a real passion for your profession, what is it that motivates you about HR?

I love seeing people be successful; either people within businesses, or the businesses we take on becoming successful because of the people.

I like watching that spark. When a business owner hires somebody, they're not just hiring a resource, they're hiring the heart and the mind and it’s how they can embrace that to be successful. I love that idea of being successful through people.

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What are the proudest moments of your career?

I was very flattered to get the success at Disney that I had. They’re world leaders in what they do, even down to their induction process; their health and safety video is produced by Pixar so it can’t get any better really.

We now employ a team of people and we’re getting asked to speak at events because people value our input and thoughts. I don’t think I would have achieved that in the corporate world, I’m really proud that I’ve been able to embrace authenticity over the last five years.

You do a lot of blogging, what is particularly topical in the world of HR right now?

Diversity and inclusion. What diversity is really about is making sure it’s a truly level playing field. Fulfilling legal obligations under the Equality Act, is not diversity. Especially now that we’re going at a rate of knots with Black Lives Matter, inclusion of people with disabilities, and being more gender fluid within businesses.

The second revolution happening is remote working. I believe there are still people that are not accepting that remote working is the right thing to do. The new normal is that people want choice, but there are still lots of sceptics who don’t really want to do it.

Thirdly is environment. Millennials and Generation Z candidates are holding companies to task around flexibility, diversity, and environmental policies. From a talent attraction point of view alone, people want to work with the businesses that are getting these things right. The past year has accelerated and provoked a lot of thought and a lot of change, and much of it is very positive.

"Millennials and Generation Z candidates are holding companies to task around flexibility, diversity, and environmental policies. From a talent attraction point of view alone, people want to work with the businesses that are getting these things right."

Head of HR, Stellamar

How are technologies developing the HR platform?

There’s lots happening with technology, and companies are using it progressively for onboarding and HR.

We’re thinking about this as a company ourselves; our onboarding will be more remote, and much more about emotion rather than practicalities.

We’ve all had to embrace technology quite quickly; I think it’s going to drive a focus on the human side of HR rather than process, routine and structure. As a result, I believe technology will actually promote humanity.

Is there something that not many people know about you?

I’ve had a local theatre company called Musical Theatre Southampton for 15 years. I’m the Artistic Director; sometimes I direct, sometimes I act. We’re the only amateur musical theatre company in Southampton. We’ve got a show coming up at The Stage Door, and we’re doing a big show next year; The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Central Hall.

Which companies and people are your inspirations?

Outdoor clothing company Patagonia is a fantastically run company around how they inspire and engage people.

I like people who have the conviction of their own beliefs and want to stand up and be who they are. When I left the corporate world, I vowed to myself that I was never going to just do a job anymore, I was just going to be me. You get to a stage in life where you think I’m not going to try and measure up to other people’s expectations of me, I’m just going to do me.